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Troubled Teen Homes-A Place for Early Intervention

Homes for troubled teens are usually the first step in a continum of community-based social services offered to troubled teens challenged by poor personal decsions.  Homes for troubled boys and troubled girls is the first "out-of-home" placement, a first step that provides a second chance, designed to support the teenager in making better personal choices.  Homes for troubled teenagers are usually supported and managed by cities or county governments, mostly through social services.  This first step, homes for troubled boys or troubled girls, is a chance to prepare a young person with the tools to rejoin society with the ability to exercise healthy boundaries, and to seek professional support as a means to deal with adverse situations.

Adolescence who are scared, anxious, unsure, lacking confidence struggle to navigate through the teenage years, often stumbling and fall short of their potential. Most of these young people do not have a strong family foundation where they have raised up by healthy adult guidance. Essentially, these young troubled teens need help outside the home, special adult support, where professional adult care givers can meet their needs beyond the abilities of their parenrts. The eventaul outcome for the unsupported teen that does not get strong adult guidance will eventually get caught up in criminal elements as they grow toward adulthood.  Hopefully, before things get out of hand these troubled teens will find early intervention programs, homes designed to support and restore troubled teens early on.  Struggling teens who act out, drop out of school, get into drug and alcohol abuse, usually commit crimes and eventually they get caught up into the criminal enterprises. Most communities have developed programs to eliminate the progressive negative spiral of the out of control teenager, presenting intervention programs to stop the negative progression.  These interventions are often referred to as "homes for troubled teens". 

Dependig upon the city, county, or State that you live in most juvenile penal systems only have so much grace to extend.  Meaning, people are willing to work with young people who are struggling, but they will only go so far until serious consequences take over. All across the United States juvenile justice/court systems are designed to give second chances, and to lead the young criminal offender away from a life that involves confinement.  The penal system for juveniles are not designed to punish, but to identify social and emotional issues, and provide resources and support hoping to eliminate adult criminal behavior.  But, over time, if the support is rejected and the troubled teen continues to involve him/herself in the criminal element, even the most supportive juvenlie justice/probation programs will eventually get tired of the criminal behavior and begin to look at alternative means to "compel troubled teens to get their acts together".

For more information about homes for troubled teens please contact one of our admssions counselors, 888-703-7260. Or click on a State below to find more resources for troubled teens.

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