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In the crazy fast paced society in which we live it becomes hard for Christian parents to know what is going on with their Christian troubled teen. Most parents are unaware of what their struggling teen is into, what their preferences are, or personal desires, and especially they do not know their own chiid's values.  Why?  Perhaps it starts with the normal and natural separation that takes place during adolescents, when boys and girls begin to establish their own identity and begin to break away from their parents.  This is a natural progression and a normal part of becoming an adult.  However, if the teen is very immature and ill equipped to make the transition from adolescents to adulthood they will struggle, make many poor choices, and get off track... thus, the development of the "troubled teenager". Once a teen begins making negative choices they are frequently referred to as "at-risk" teens and in need of adult help (direction and guidance), which is the very last thing they want or will take. This is a hard state of affairs for both parents and teens, especially those in need of support with emotional immaturity. One subject many parents of troubled teens have in common is the need for assistance regarding school. Emotionally immature teens do not like school, and most are very unmotivated academically, many have dropped out and have no commitment to their education.  Parents of troubled teens who have dropped out of school are desperate for support.  Without an education the troubled teen grows up into becoming an even more troubled adult, and the consequences are far greater as they grow older.

Parents of Christian troubled boys or troubled girls won't find much support from the public school system.  Unfortunately, they won't find much support from the private schools either.  Many school districts punish, fine, or take action against unmotivated teens who cause trouble at school.  This is all in an effort to  tparents keep their troubled teen in school and on track.  This method only further alienates the unmotivated acting out teenager to denounce school in every respect.  Private schools practice zero tolerance toward students who act out, or display behavioral problems.  Getting kicked out of a private school does not solve the problems, therefore the private school is not a positive solution for the troubled boy or troubled girl.  What are parents to do?

Early on most troubled teens show signs of the looming trouble.  They begin to display an attitude of "I don't care" regarding authority, rules, expectations, and societal norms.  These troubled boys and troubled girls beging to show sign through their grades; parents seeking guidance will often speak about their child's slipping grades, poor educational presentation, hostility toward authority figures at school, poor choices of friends, and other behaviors that, if they carry on, could damage their academic performance. There are actually many options for parents who are concerned and worried about their child's current situation. There are Christian Boarding schools designed to serve troubled teens.  There are also early intervention programs such as Christian Boot Camps, Christ-centered Military-style boarding schools, and even Christian therapeutic boarding schools that cater to the child who is emotionally immature, making poor personal decisions, abusing drugs and alcohol, sneaking out at night, sexually active, and no longer motivated to perform well academically. There are special Christ-centered schools and programs designed specifically to deal with the unique needs of a family of faith. Support through schools and Christ-centered programs are available to parents in every State.  Most parents of troubled teenagers begin with counseling and therapy, and then progress from toward out of home placements such as boarding schools.

Parents of Christian teens finding help

Christian boarding schools and other Christ-centered programs are engineered to help a teenager and his/her parents to deal with the issues that have divided the family, upset the peace in the home, and devastated the future of the troubled child. Christian programs create an atmosphere where the student and parent can learn to communicate, where both parties can be heard and respected, all the while complying with the fact that the parents are the authority and the child must submit to the parental authority in order to enjoy independence and liberty. These unique rograms are designed to help the formerly troubled teen to take responsibiity for their own choices, and hold themselves and others accountable.  Emotional maturity is extremely important for anyone who desires to live a successful and full life, and Christ-centered schools and programs created to serve teens and their parents take the emotional growth portion of the program very seriously.

Christian schools can actuallysteer troubled students back on track, back on the correct path, turning their lives around to fulfill their destiny. For more information about Christian help for parents of troubled boys and troubled girls call TTD and speak directly to one of our professional educational consultants, 866-439-9664.  Furthermore, to go directly to a Christian boarding school designed to restore troubled teens go to, 888-305-6729.

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