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Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens | Treatment Programs has compiled a comprehensive listing of the best therapeutic boarding schools, therapeutic programs, wilderness therapy camps, and residential treatment centers for troubled teens (boys and girls). We can assist you in finding the perfect therapeutic program or boarding schools for troubled teens.

With all the options available, "how do you know what is the best therapeutic program or boarding school for your child?". Our job is to save you thousands of dollars and years of heartache. Our professional Child Placing Specialists are here to help you find the very best match for your teen's specific issues (call 866-493-9664).  Call now for immediate help.

Therapeutic boardng schools are the first out-of-home placement choice for most parents, but there are plenty of options for parents seeking immediate therapeutic help through residential treatment centers and wilderness therapy programs. We represent the best schools and programs for troubled teenagers, serving both boys and girls.

We work with parents whose child is experiencing some or all of the following issues:

ADD and ADHD - Impulse Control Issues, Attention Problems

Substance Abuse - Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Mental Health Issues  - Bipolar, Depression, Mood Disorders, Reactive Attachment Disorder

Personality Disorders - Borderline, Narcissism

Eating Disorders - Bulimia, Anorexia, Obesity

Acting Out Behavior - Theft, Assaultive Toward Parents & Sibilings, Destruction of Property

Anger and Defiance - Running Away, Disrespect, Rebellion toward Authority

Poor Academic Performance - Learning Disorders, Skipping Classes, Lack Motivation

Dangerous Acts of Defiance - Sneaking Out at Night

Self-Harm - Cutting, Binge Drinking, Piercings

Self-Defeating Behaviors - Shutdown, Unwilling to Communicate, Negative Peers

Family Issues - Divorce, Adoption, Blended Families

Unhealthy Sexual Conduct - Dating Older People, Pornography Addiction

Gender Identity Issues - Confusion and Shame

Online Addictions - Spending too much time online


We Advocate for The Family and the Child - Total Restoration

If you are a parent of a troubled teen and you are seeking help through therapeutic boarding schools, adolesecent residential treatment centers, troubled teenager camps, wilderness therapy camps, or other types of therapeutic programs for troubled youth please call 866-439-9664.   

Parents seeking help for their troubled teenager often seek a local therapists first, meaning most parents of troubled adolescents look to local therapeutic services before all else.  If that does not work, parents then seek other valuable options.   

Troubled Teens Directory (TTD) is the most honest and integral Internet-based educational consulting service available. TTD is designed to serve parents who are in need of help for their troubled teen and are looking for trouble teen programs  or camps engineered to restore troubled teenagers.

Are you a parent searching for schools, camps, or programs for troubled teens? Troubled Teens Directory is directed and managed by child placement specialists who are very familiar with the plethora of boarding schools and trouble teen programs options.

Our vision is to serve the parents of troubled teens by providing unhindered access to lists of special needs schools, articles, and other resources related to the troubled teen. Additionally, we offer free education consultant services to parents who are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of programs and boarding school options.

Typical Family of Troubled Teens

~ Will stop at nothing to get help for my child
~ No price is too great if it means saving my child's life
~ Feeling all alone and looking for an answer
~ You know there is a solution, but "where?"
~ Confused and gun shy... already tried everything
~ Reaching out for help, but "who do I listen too?"
~ Angry and afraid, "why me?"
~ I can't bargain with my child any longer...
~ Will you help me?


Troubled Parents Helpline - 866-439-9664

Troubled Teens Directory provides valuable professional resources for parents looking for schools or programs for troubled teens; homes for troubled teenagers, emotional growth schools, substance abuse programs, drug rehabilitation hospitals, counseling centers, psychiatric programs for troubled youth, group homes for troubled youth, and drug treatments centers.

Moreover, Troubled Teens Directory is a clearinghouse of resource information for the parents of troubled teens in need of immediate assistance. It is our desire to provide the parents of troubled youth unlimited access to lists of boarding schools and programs for troubled teens, as well as thousands of articles involving the topic of parenting troubled teens.



There are so many options available to the parent of a troubled teen. There are so many therapeutic boarding options, and your run a real danger in making the wrong choice. We can save parents thousands of dollars and years of heartache assisting you in the process of selecting the right therapeutic option, which may include therapeutic boarding schools.

The last thing a parent wants to do at this time is to compound the already unbearable problem. Allow our education specialists' experience and gentle hearts lead you to choose the right solution for your child. Our specialists can lead you to schools and programs nationwide; such as; crisis intervention centers, individual therapy, group therapy, and many more. We will provide affordable Educational Consultant services to help your child succeed.

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