Wilderness Therapy Young Adults

Wilderness Therapy Young Adults

Featured Boarding Schools & Programs for Troubled Teens & Young Adults

Featured Boarding Schools & Programs for troubled teens and young adults represents some of the very best schools and programs available. For immediate support and assistance in searching for the perfect therapeutic solution for troubled teens and young adults please call 866-439-9664.

Troubled Teen Search is dedicated to provide parents of troubled teens the best information regarding schools, programs, and services for troubled teens and young adults.  Below please find our "featured" therapeutic boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment programs, and transitional living programs for troubled teens and young adults. These schools and programs for troubled teens and young adults are the schools and programs that we recommend. 

TroubledTeensDirectory.com is a Family Advocacy service where our professional advocates assist parents of troubled teens and young adults in finding the perfect solution to their therapeutic needs.  Please call 866-439-9664 for immediate counsel, coaching, and guidance.

If you are a parent of a troubled teen or struggling young adult you know exactly how painful the situation can be.  We are here to help you through the search for the perfect match (school or program) and will stay with you all the way through the enrollment process.  Know that our Family Advocates know exactly what you are going through (our Family Advocates are parents of former troubled teens) and have actually walked down the path that you are on right now.  Having gotten through the struggle our Family Advocates worked hard in preparing themselves to become professional parent coaches.  They know how to get through the selection process and will assist you to bolding move toward full restoration of your child and family.


Featured Schools and Programs Recommended by TroubledTeensDirectory.com

Young Adult Transitional Living Programs

At The Crossroads


Residential Treatment Programs

Integrity House Residential Treatment Center for Girls

Storm Ridge Academy

Red Rock Canyon Academy

Falcon Ridge Academy

Mt Pleasant Academy

Lava Heights Academy

Wilderness Therapy Programs (Teens & Young Adults)

Wingate - Waypoints Wilderness Therapy Program

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Abundant Life Preparatory


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