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Parent Resources for Troubled Teens in Delaware

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools are licensed housing treatment center for troubled teens ages 13 to 18 that are unenthusiastic and stressed, yet very capable of being successful.

The Boarding Schools program combines concentrated, reliable healing sessions with a prepared positive gaze culture setting and a self-esteem boosting aviation therapy component to form a powerful and effective surroundings that produces long term results for troubled teens.

It has been seen in research that troubled teens are often confused and anxious. The insolence, annoyance, and disobedience reproduce their confusion and terror. The first Teens whose parents actively follow help are the most likely to see a positive change.

If you have lost control of your troubled teen it is important that you do what is best for your child. If your teen is disobeying you and displaying out of control behaviors at home, imagine what they are doing when you're not around.

Your teen may be participating in activities such as teen drinking, recreational drug abuse, premarital sex etc. If you know for certain your teen is doing any, or all of these things, it may be your time as a parent to step in and intervene. 

Sending your troubled teen to a boarding school can be a hard decision to make, but not doing anything while your child destroys his/her life will be a lot more difficult. Do not make the terrible mistake of watching your child walk down a path of self-destruction just because you didn't want to send them away from home. 

While at boarding school your child will have no other choice but to focus on school and the poor choices they made in order to get there. 

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