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Alaska was admitted to the United States as the 49th state. Alaska is the only state that is both in North America and not part of the 48 contiguous states. Alaska is the largest state in the United States in terms of land area. The name Alaska is most likely derived from the Aleut word for great country or mainland. Alaska was probably first settled by peoples who came there across the Bering Land Bridge, including Inuit and a variety of Native American groups. Alaska has various transportation options. Some of Alaska is connected by roads (and sometimes a tunnel) to the highways of Canada and of the rest of the United States.

Educational Consultants in Alaska are having full knowledge of treatment centers and Christian church / rehabs for unmotivated youth. . Problems in teenagers can be solved. provides options for parents and teens in different locations of world. educates the youths' parents about the various Alaska options. More schools and programs are added everyday.

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